.Our practice

Public Law

In Chile, Justice and Reparation has represented the interests of different human rights victims by litigating different cases, even arguing at the Supreme Court. By doing so, our lawyers purported to protect and provide redress for those victims when their rights were infringed by the State or private actors.

Likewise, Justice and Reparation is currently the legal counsellor of different companies in Chile, to whom the firm assists in matters concerning to Environmental and Administrative Law. Its offices in Antofagasta—the mining capital of Chile—has facilitated the interaction between Justice and Reparation and different companies of this productive sector of the Chilean economy.

Torts and Labor Law

Another area in which Justice and Reparation has contributed to the promotion of human rights regards Torts and Labor Law. In these fields of practice, the firm has successfully sued different companies. This litigation has allowed workers and their families to obtain redress when their rights have been at risk or violated by private actors. The performance of Justice and Reparation has been especially remarkable in litigating cases about workplace injuries.

Strategic Human Rights Litigation

The third area of practice of Justice and Reparation is International Human Rights Law. The firm is litigating various cases in both regional and universal courts and tribunals. In doing so, the policy of the firm is to adopt all measures to prevent revictimization of its clients, promoting, before all, their own interests. Assuming the profound meaning and delicacy of this practice, humanity and responsibility primarily orient the action of Justice and Reparation in this area.