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Founded in 2017, Justice and Reparation is a law firm whose first areas of specialization were Fundamental Rights, Torts and Labor Law. However, through the years, this firm expanded its practice to the international arena. Indeed, Justice and Reparationis litigating various human rights cases in different international fora, seeking redress for victims.

Justice and Reparation is a modern, young and human rights committed law firm. This commitment is ever present whether this firm litigates domestic or international cases. Proactive and dedicated attorneys are part of Justice and Reparation. They are particularly focused on promoting the interests and wellbeing of their clients, to whom they represent with excellency and humanity. Clients represented by Justice and Reparation in Chile, Argentina and Peru give account of that concern, which is an outstanding feature of our practice.

Today, Justice and Reparation has offices in Santiago, Antofagasta (Chile) and Buenos Aires (Argentina).